A Solo Exhibition by Michael Cawdrey

On Show: 9 – 31 October, Fridays & Saturdays

With all the difficulty around the world, I found myself moving away from the negativity. I have been determined to use this time to improve my work. My aim has been to channel this energy into my paintings for my viewers, with a wish that we all emerge stronger together.

Michael Cawdrey on his upcoming exhibition, ‘Where we Live’

Online Catalogue

Pre-Purchase Opportunities
The below catalogue features work confirmed for Michael’s exhibition in October. From September, we will welcome pre-purchase or 40% deposits to confirm your purchase prior to the show.

For payments in full or purchases interstate, please click on the desired work below. Alternatively, you can contact Aspire Gallery at info@aspiregallery.com.au for: – 

  • initial 40% deposits;
  • appointments to view the work prior to purchase; and
  • lay-by or payment plans.

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