Anonymous Political Artist

Thcat is a socially conscious and political artist whose work is heavily influenced by society’s pop and consumerism culture. New to the art world, Thcat is a manufactured identity whose work uses the street-scape scene as a source of inspiration as well as a resource to build and create art that reflects the cultural landscape that surrounds her.

Using materials that vary from acrylic paint and collage through to digitized and mixed media images of old posters and decayed signage and billboards; Thcat is interested in creating multiple surface layers within her work as a way to challenge society’s social constructs and ideas of how identity and meaning are created and experienced.

Staying true to her cat-like nature: Thcat’s identity remains concealed and allusive. Avoiding the public eye, she instead encourages her audience’s attention to be solely within her work and what it represents. She says, “By taking fragments from outside on the street to the inside of a gallery, I am freezing their timeline and allowing my images to exist as more than a memory.

“What I want to do is destabilise the way society thinks by encouraging more of an independent and socially conscious audience that engages in society and its current issues.”

Available Works at Aspire