The Reconstruction of People, Places and Things

Jade Thompson’s work is heavily influenced by his travels. In 2002, Jade first began travelling the world. He based himself in Glasgow, Scotland, and visited Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Once again in 2007, Jade based himself in London and visited Europe, USA, India, Africa and South East Asia. Jade has also spent time Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Jade likes to use many types of materials such as acrylics, ink, oil and dry pastels, gouache, house paint, charcoal and sometimes collage. He builds his work in layers which give the work depth and in parts shows the complete journey of the painting. Jade is curious about how the eye views an image, how it focuses on a small detail and then makes up the missing information. This is reflected in Jade’s paintings, where his paintings are detailed in parts and unfinished in others. ‘When I create my artworks, I try to let go and create with freedom and honesty, not worrying about mistakes and the end declares itself. All my works are journeys within themselves. In my artwork I try capture an element of mood or feeling about the person or place I am painting. All my works contain a story.’

Jade Thompson has sold artwork all around the world and has a private collection in New York. He is a practicing artist who has had recent solo exhibitions in Melbourne and past exhibitions in the UK. He has also completed public commissions for Melbourne City and been awarded as a finalist in renowned art prizes over the years.

Graduate Diploma in Education (Visual Arts), University of Melbourne | 2006
Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Ballarat | 1997 - 2000

Art Teacher, Mount Ridley College | 2014 - 2017
Specialist Art Teacher, Northern School for Autism | 2010 - 2013
Art Teacher, Feltham Community College, London UK | 2007 - 2009

Finalist, Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne | 2019
Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2019
Finalist, Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne | 2018
Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2018
Finalist, Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne 2017
Finalist, ‘Just Going for a Walk’, 69 Smith St Gallery | 2016
Finalist, Art in the Hills, Sydney | 2016
Finalist, ANL Mission to Seafarers Art Prize, Melbourne | 2014
Finalist, Darebin Art Prize, Melbourne | 2013
Finalist ‘Self Portrait Exhibition’, Artholes Art Gallery, Melbourne | 2005
Youth Art Award, City of Boroondara | 2001

'New Home', Aspire Gallery | 2019
‘Mostly New Paintings’, 69 Smith St Gallery | 2015
'Journeys', 69 Smith St Gallery | 2013
‘Go Figure’, The Empress, Melbourne | 2001

Commissioned painting for Camberwell Town Hall, Melbourne | 2001

'Two’s Company’, (exhibition). Botanic Gardens, Glasgow | 2003
‘Combined Exhibition’, Mask Cottage, East Garston – England | 2002

Travelled to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka | 2011
Travelled to Europe, USA, India, Africa, South East Asia | 2007 - 2009
Travelled Europe, Africa and Carribean | 2002 - 2004

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