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A Solo Exhibition by Bryan Shephard

24 October – 3 November 2018

Three-Dimensional Works

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The notion that the top predator in our oceans and waterways isn’t just a marlin, whale or pelagic fish but also plastic waste.

It feeds on habitats and slowly kills many marine creatures and fish. It floats in currents, covering plants and marine inter-tidal areas. It clogs waterways and some beaches, and makes its own city-scapes. Plastic waste is its own mini environment, a place, like a school of bait, or a floating weed.The degradation cycle for some plastic items can be years to decades. It will form a layer when archeologists dig down to our time. 

Plastic forms part of our predatory marine life, so maybe we should think of it not as it’s own form but as a part of a known marine predator’s form – linking the form with the action.

Join us for Bryan Shephard’s 2018 solo exhibition, ‘Top of the Ocean’, where he explores the predatory nature of plastic in our oceans through two-dimensional and three-dimensional works.