Aspire Gallery’s Annual Small Pieces Competition

With only 30 x 30 cm to work with, ‘Foot Square’ challenges artists to make an impact in ways other than size.
We ask every artist, how do you make your work stand out – is it through style, subject, medium, technique or creativity?

Open to national and international artists, entrants may submit work of all mediums (including three-dimensional works and photography) up to 30 cm in height, length and width.

As an added incentive to this year’s competition, Aspire Gallery is using this exhibition as an opportunity to source Artists for their thriving Management Program.

For more information on our Management Program, click here.

The 2019 ‘Foot Square’ Competition will be held from 17 July – 27 July 2019, Wednesday – Saturday.


For assistance or a copy of the offline application form, please contact